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Books are the windows to the world. You perhaps have heard or seen the old adage for one too many times that it becomes so clichéd it no longer bears meaning. But it is the one old saying that should never been taken with a grain of salt.

The truth behind the saying remains the same however too often it is mentioned: books are indeed a means for you to understand what the world is all about. And for a book lover (perhaps you are), getting updates on the one title he or she has been waiting for so long is everything they need and want perhaps more than anything else.

As such, our blog offers you a chance to get a glimpse into news surrounding the most anticipated releases of the year. Learn everything there is to know about new books and find out how to get your hands on the past releases. Also, provides lists of books currently on display so you can use us a frame of reference in buying a book you perhaps fall in love with.

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Read reviews of newly released titles and find out the titles that best suit your mood at the moment. All books are categorized by genres so you can head on to the genre you love the most and look for the title that could capture your attention. It is time for you to bookmark us on your browser.

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When the moment comes, visit us and search for the books to buy and read during your free time. Fill your days with the book to provide balance so your focus will not be placed on smartphones alone. It is good to share some of your time to read quality book and we could not be any happier to help you find one that is so captivating you forget about the world.


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Some of Famous Kids’ Books Suffered from Banning

Some of Famous Kids’ Books Suffered from BanningSure, all books contain information that the author must have gathered before publishing. But not all books are treated the same way. Some books get banned for specific reasons and this is not something strange or of recent invention. The banning or censorship of other kinds of books is an old practice—probably as old as the history of books itself. The earliest period of banning books is recorded since at least the 4th century B.C. Some groups of people (or even authoritative individuals) would do anything in their power to prevent a book from even seeing the light of the day. Some even went so far as ordering specific books to be destroyed altogether. The reasons behind the banning of a book vary and they could be religious, political, or moral in nature. Some of Famous Kids’ Books Suffered from BanningOut of so many books suffering from banning and censorship, kids’ books have it the worst. This may be attributed to the fact that those books are meant for the kids to consume. To allow kids to have access to books with questionable contents (by the concerned party’s standard) means to leave them open to something that defies whatever it is that becomes the current norm. By limiting their access to such books, the parties behind censorship seeks to preserve the status quo and everything is expected not to spin out of control. Or, it could be that the parties that ban the books fear that their secrets would emerge but that is a whole another story.

Confessions of an Only Child

The book Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl is to date one of the books that frequently get banned from publishing. The content is oftentimes deemed too depressing. Judy Blume’s Blubber suffered from banning because all of the characters in it curse. Plus, the ringleader’s unpunished cruelty does not really help the book’s cause. The Bony-Legs by Joanna Cole tackles subjects such as witchcraft and magic, two subjects that every organization dreads the most. The offensive language prevalent in Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War granted its banning from publishing. The only use of profanity found in Confessions of an Only Child by Norma Klein is that of the lead character’s father—but it is enough to get the book banned in many countries. Harriet, the Spy by Louis Fitzhugh was accused of teaching kids everything bad including cursing, talking back, and lying. And Alice Childress’ A Hero Ain’t Nothin’ but a Sandwich allegedly contained anti-American values and immorality.

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Observing the Types of Written Storytelling

the Types of Written StorytellingEverybody loves stories but not everybody loves reading books containing stories. These days, people grow more and more accustomed to audio-visual storytelling like what movies or TV shows depict. If there is anything involving reading letters and sentences, it is safe to assume that the medium would be a comic book (or its other, fancier sibling the graphic novel). Reading a book (which is something containing only letters and sentences for the most parts of it) becomes a rarity in this modern era. But there was a time when books are the only method of conveying a story.

There have been many books trying to present different kinds of story so there is definitely something for everyone. Each book occupies one specific theme, which then shapes up the different genres. Those who love a type of story would go on to seek the one book that contains that kind of story. Book categories also help bookshops and libraries design a better arrangement for their collections so people would find it easy to get the one book that meets their personal preferences. Some genres or categories would become all too broad and specific at the same time that they spawn their subgenres and subcategories. These offshoot spawns of preexisting genres sometimes grow even stronger that they establish themselves as their own category while still link to their parent genre. Below is a list of, which might be helpful for you the next time you get into a bookshop looking for specific book. Please note that the list excludes academic writings and other type of nonfiction.

Observing the Types of Written Storytelling
1. Autobiography and biography
These two technically fall under the category of nonfiction, given their nature of existing outside the fictitious world. However, the way the content is conveyed is very much similar to fiction works so they earn their place on the list.
An autobiography is a book telling a story of the life of a person, written by the person in question themselves.
A biography is similar in content but written by others.
2. Fable
Often featuring animal characters, a fable offers a story that loaded with moral guide or life lesson.
3. Fantasy
Mythical creatures, sorcery, and magic are some of recurring motifs in a fantasy novel. The story takes place in a world different from the real.
4. Folktale
Conventionally, a folktale is passed down orally, confined within a culture. It may be translated into written media and features subgenres such as trickster tales, tall tales, or fairy tales.
5. Legend
A legend mixes fiction and facts.
6. Myth
A myth involves sacredness and supernatural beings (gods).
7. Sci-fi
A sci-fi is loaded with use of technologies, of new or future invention.

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Some Easy Ways to Love Reading Books

Some Easy Ways to Love Reading Books For a student, reading is essential. When they are still in elementary school or high school, they may think that reading is not too important so it is find to skip this skill. However, when they are in higher level of education, reading is one of the main requirement. When they do not love reading, it is almost sure that they will face many problems in finishing the study. This is because the higher level of education needs better knowledge and this cannot be found just by reading articles or content in the website. Even, reading journals are still not enough. They must be able to spend their time by enjoying books. They need to spend more time to sit down and read books.

This is hard if it is not trained since the early age. That is why it is better to have good habit of reading since you are in the high school, or even in the elementary school. There is no bad things about reading, and this can provide more benefits than losses. Of course, when you are going to make reading as habit, it is better to start with fiction books. This is better since fiction book has many interesting stories and there is no complicated information to memorize. In this case, it is better to choose some popular and famous fiction books or novels. This is necessary to make sure that the books have good story and it will not make people reluctant to read. This is a first and easy step to try.

This step must be done continuously until you are comfortable enough with this new habit. Even, when you are addicted to reading books, it is much better. This will make you easier to read more complicated books, such as non-fiction book. In this case, you do not need to suddenly jump into several non-fiction books containing complicated information and theories. Based on the novels that you read, you can try to find of it inside the encyclopedias. This is an easier to make you get used with detailed information from books. Scientific information may also be found and this is good to make you accustomed. When you have been comfortable with this, then you can find popular fiction books to read and things will be easier to make you fall in love with books.


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Reading Books Is Great and All but Is It a Fact Supported by Science?

Reading Books Is Great and All but Is It a Fact Supported by ScienceWe have all been there: Your parents forced you to read books when you were little and reading is one of the most basic skill taught at school. You (all of us, perhaps) may not like it at first because, hey, kids love playing with toys more than struggling to complete reading a sentence. Now that you are an adult, reading comes naturally and you read everything effortlessly. But is there anything scientific to back up all the good things about reading? Numerous studies and researches have been conducted to pry open the positive sides of reading books. Some researchers in the UK, for example, discovered that reading (especially in a book club) may contribute to you living a longer life. This is even truer for those in retirement age as getting into a book club may improve social connections establishing a good support system to boost the quality of life. So yeah, reading a book may not brush those wrinkles off your face but it does provide you with that much-needed help to get you out of social withdrawal symptoms plaguing old people.

A research laboratory at Yale found out that reading books impacts on your memory. Unlike movie-watching or music-binging, reading actually activates a brain part that has everything to do with associative learning, language, and vision. Those who read more have a complex brain, leading to improved mental acuity and sharpening of memory—which also means that reading books is great to help with Alzheimer’s.

And while we’re at the subject of psychological condition, it would be exciting to know that reading leads to reduced stress level and there is a scientific backing to that. Researchers at the University of Sussex found that a reading session of mere 6 minutes is already enough to take stress level down to 68%. Those whose stress level spikes up and then reads (any kind of) books are way more relaxed than those who choose to listen to music or take a walk.

Especially in children, reading fictions contributes to improved attention span. Stories have a structured construction consisting of a beginning, a middle part, and an ending. This triggers children’s brain to process information in a sequential flow and help them connect cause with effect. Their way of thinking would be so much clearer as a result and their attention can be grabbed longer than when they are fed with other forms of information source such as music or TV.

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9 Interesting Facts about Books

9 Interesting Facts about BooksThink of books the way you please. Think of it as something boring, something to ignore, or something for you to dedicate your entire life to. Whether you like it or not, books prevail and will continue on to do so despite the many changes in era. Even as you are drowned deep in the world of digital convenience, books are there; it does not go away. Its original may vanish, transforms into a virtual version of it, but it definitely still exists with mobile applications providing tons of titles to look up. So, seeing that there is nothing to can do to rid this world of books, you might as well take some time to learn a few things more about them. We can purchased by online from and also via email.

Those loving books will rejoice while who are not could get a chance to change their mind.
1. In 1698, a library opened in Charleston, South Carolina. The library in question is known today as America’s first public library.
2. At a price of $8,802,500, The Birds of America was sold in March 2000. Written by J.J. Audubon and published first in 1840, the price is easily the highest ever paid for a book.
3. The best-selling nonfiction book of all time would be the Bible. There have been 2.5 billion copies sold since 1815. The book has been translated into more than 2.200 languages.
4. A list of best-selling kids’ books was released in 2000 by Publishers Weekly. Janette Sebring Lowrey’s The Poky Little Puppy was at number one spot on the hardcover category while E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web was on the paperback category.
5. J. K. Rowling is not the best-selling kids’ book author. R. L. Stine is. The Goosebumps series kicked off with the first installment Welcome to the Dead House released in 1992. There have been 220 million books in the series sold since.
6. But J. K. Rowling is indeed the richest author, at least in Great Britain. Selling 23 million books in 1999 alone, she has made more than other authors.
7. The title of the best-selling fiction writer in the world is Agatha Christie with 78 crime novels and a total of 2 billion copies sold.
8. Published in June 2003, Hillary Clinton’s Living History had sold more than 200,000 copies in its first day alone—more than any other titles in nonfiction genre.
9. Written in 1008, Murasaki Shikibu’s novel The Tale of the Genji is considered the first novel ever written in history.

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What are the Parts of a Book Called?

What are the Parts of a Book Called

Books are so widespread in their presence that people oftentimes take them for granted. They just take a book, open it, and digest the content. You could be a fan of the story. You could love the characters so much that it blurs reality. You could find the topic such an engaging matter. You could be the most hardcore follower of the author. There are many reasons you can probably provide when asked why you love a book but the book’s physical construction would not be the first thing to pop on your mind. It might not be there in the first place, even.

Learning about a book’s structural parts may not do anything for you but it would definitely help when you understand which term refers to what part. When you talk about the book to a friend, you can easily refer to the part without actually involving the book in question. Getting to know more about a book’s part and the term used to refer to it might also help you build a more intimate connection with it. In the process, it is no longer just a book by your most favorite author or something with great story to fall for. It becomes your best friend.
So, what are book parts referred to? Let’s find out.
1. General terms
a. Rare book
A book is dubbed as a rare one if there are only a few copies around. This makes it severely limited in circulation.
b. First edition
A first edition is just that: A number of books printed and published for the first time. It has collectors’ value as the chance of revisions or other changes is minimal.
c. Autographed copy
An autographed copy is a copy of book that contains a signature put directly by the author in it.
2. Inside parts
a. Leaves
The sheets of paper bound in a book are called leaves.
b. Pages
Pages refer to the sides of the book leaves, containing texts or otherwise.
c. Bookplate
A bookplate is a label that is pasted in a book, containing the name of the owner of the book or the donor of it.
d. Endpapers
Endpapers are located between the cover and the body and could be printed with such as a map, colored, or plain.
e. Front matter is the pages before the text.
f. Back matter is the pages after the text.
3. Outside parts
a. Dust jacket refers to the paper cover.
b. A cover or a case is the outside binding of a book.
c. A spine is the backbone of a book.

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Dissecting the Correlation between Reading Books and Living a Great Retirement Life

Dissecting the Correlation between Reading Books and Living a Great RetirementReading a book is perhaps something you can effortlessly do today but there was a time back when you were little when you never think too much of this activity. Everyone, mostly adults, told and encouraged you to read a lot. Prelims included reading as their basic educational programs. Now that you are an adult yourself, you read a book like you are breathing in air. You were too little to understand the significance of reading a book. You did what the teachers, parents, and all other adults told you to just because you thought it was a thing every human being were supposed to do. Little did you understand why it is important to learn to read books. Even today, well into maturity, you probably read a book just because. A story might be compelling and engaging. A subject might be interesting. Characters might be appealing. But did you know that reading books have physical and psychological benefits and there is scientific backing to this? Probably not; this is a matter suffering from lack of exposure just as reading books is an underrated activity all on its own.

There is a link, however subtle, between reading books and longevity. No, it does not fight off free radicals in your body. No, it does not instantly eliminate risks of cancer. No, it does not rejuvenate your skin and smoothen up all the wrinkly parts in your face. But it does provide a comfortable platform for you to fall back on during your retirement age. See, people of old age are prone to social withdrawal symptoms. This condition forces them to take recluse, away from others, which is dangerous thing as no one hears of or take care of them. You would find yourself with less and less friend in the process until you are all alone.

Dissecting the Correlation between Reading Books and Living a Great Retirement Life

Getting into a book club tweaks this problem. Old people joining in such a circle have a better chance to lead a happy retirement life. All the members of the club form a support system that will drag you out of your social withdrawal, making sure you have a great time shared among likeminded colleagues of similar age (although some book clubs could have members of different age groups). See, reading is not something simple merely capable of helping you get to adulthood perfectly fine. It does more than that in the long run.

Five Recommended Books for Your Children
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Five Recommended Books for Your Children

Reading is a great hobby especially for children, with the increasing influence of internet. There are a lot of great books available for children, and these books will definitely enhance their knowledge and understanding about life. In this article, we will elaborate some of the best books for children that you may recommended to your lovely kids.
The list below will give a brief review on several recommended books for children:
Watership Down by Richard Adams: released in 1972, this complete novel about a bunch of rabbits looking for the Promised Land offers the Aeneid structure, the idyllic locations of Hampshire, and the majestic nuance of prophecy. The author is having funs exhibiting his scholarship. This book is truly a dynamic introduction to more brainy books.
The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien: published in 1937, we will meet various characters that will create the infamous Lord of the Rings universe. You can see a different point of view, or a hobbit point of view, to be exact, of Gollum from this book, which is surprisingly pretty chilling compared to the actual story. A great book for children who love fantasy stories.
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis: this book was released in 1950. You will be welcomed to the majestic land called Narnia. This land is reigned by the White Witch and the people living within the land who dislike the Witch put their trust in a bunch of Finchley kids. This book is a pure magic of narration.
Charlottes Web by E. B. White: this book was first published in 1952. A writer from the New Yorker cherished the author for his elegant style, giving the reader a selfless spider with beautiful behaviors and a pig that want to make her proud. The plots are really great for young readers who love to read fictional stories.
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery: released in 1943, the author is able to portray wise and yet quizzical stories of other planets that have no inhabitants. This book is very unique with its unusual portrayal of the story. A great choice to develop an imaginative mind.
Other than the books mentioned above, there are still a lot of great books that you can introduce to your children. By reading these books, it will not only enhance their imagination, but also their creativity. So, make sure your children read at least one of these books! And some are also red by Nontonfilm88 children.

Six Movies That Are Better Than Its Books
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Six Movies That Are Better Than Its Books

There are a lot movies that are based on novels and books, especially Hollywood movies. More often than not, the movie versions are deemed to be worse than the books as it cannot portray everything written. However, some movies do deliver the story lines better than the books, and in this article, we will elaborate some of them.

Here is the list of some movies that are better than the book version:

The Notebook: the reason why this movie version is better than the book is because for some people, the melodrama and romantic plots of Nicholas Spark, the writer of the book, can be slightly overwhelming. The movie version can be considered by or everyone as one among the top romantic movies of all time. It cannot be denied that this movie portrays the heartbreaking love story perfectly, making everyone swoons over the bittersweet love story.

Jaws: if you watch this old movie nowadays, you may think that the monster shark in this movie looks very fake. However, back in the day, this movie was able to create a thrilling experience that the book couldnt portray. The book mostly focused on the sexual affair of the characters rather than the shark hunting activity, while the movie heightened on the action with a climatic, satisfying ending nobody expected.

The Godfather

The Godfather: this legendary movie is considered one among the top movies created in Hollywood industry and within the American classic. It is safe to say that everyone is agree how the movie outdid the books, proven by being nominated and winning multiple awards. Even up till now, the trilogy of The Godfather is still deemed to be an epic story that is loved by many.

The Princess Bride: for those who have difficulties in getting William Goldmans sarcastic and witty humor on the book, the movie version of The Princess Bride surely delivered it better. The movie portrayed the plots of grandfather telling a story to his grandchildren much better than the book, which make the movie is more enjoyable than the book.

Stardust: the book version of this movie is actually a masterpiece itself. Written by Neil Gaiman, this masterpiece created a debate between movie critics on which version is better. The ending of both version is different, and the movie ending is considered more action-packed and climatic, which can give more satisfaction than the book, although slightly.

Fight Club: the writer of Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk, has a lot of incredible novels. He himself stated how he enjoyed the movie version, to the point that he felt slightly embarrassed by the book version. The reason he said that way was because the movie was able to connect the plot lines he couldn’t see while writing the masterpiece. The romantic attributes was highlighted better in the movie, which he approved.

Those are some of the book-based movies that are considered by better than the actual book version. You can try to read the book version first and then watch these movies to see if you agree with this list.


The Best Seller Books of 2017
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The Best Seller Books of 2017

Books have been the part of the lifestyle of the people all around the world since so many years ago. There are so many books that can offer you so interesting stories, facts, and even imaginative entertainment. Aside of that, they or will also give you a very nice opportunity to see the world beyond even from the very different point of view as well. Then, luckily, there are actually numerous best books you cannot miss during the year of 2017. So, in case you are so curious about it, you better continue reading below.

Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan
One of the best books of 2017 so far that you have to add to your personal collection is “Manhattan Beach” written by Jennifer Egan who is the winner of the 2011 PulitzerPrize. This particular book is actually talking about the maritime history mainly about Manhattan Beach since the World War II. All of the things that are related to it are explored so well by Egan.

So then, you will find this book showing you the most significant stories for sure.In the simple words, you will finally see that it not only about things happen in the Manhattan Island in the recent time, such as the dynamic fashion trend, the crash of the Wall Street bankers, the harassed journalists, and so many more still.

Thanks Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years by David Litt

Next, the other great book on the year of 2017 is “Thanks Obama: My Hopey, Ghangey White House Years” that is written by David Litt, who is the former speechwriter of Barack Obama. This specific book will tell you all the facts he had found after few years he spent to work with Obama in the White House. It will definitely remind you of the time under the leadership of Obama, so that you can find out a little piece of Obama world. In the simple words, you will feel that Litt tries to convince you through this book as he believes that the legacy of Barack Obama will definitely prevail for many years to come.

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In conclusion, those are some of the best books in the year of 2017 so far. It will be so nice for you have and make them your companion whenever you have spare time to spend. Then, you will find that they can give you the great benefits and lead you to new facts that you will admire so much.


Top 12 Bestselling Books Over the Time
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Top 12 Bestselling Books Over the Time

Do you like in reading the books? Well, if yes you are, what kind of books you like most? There are many options of books you can read based on what you like such as the fiction, biography, history, and much more. Well, if you and like reading books, how many bestselling books you have read? If we are talking about bestselling, it means there are many book readers who like the content of the book itself.

There are hundreds of thousands of books which are accepted as the bestselling book. Nevertheless, there are some books which still have been the best selling over the year. The books are still being the bestselling no matters when the book has been published for the first time and they still have sold out every time the publisher has been copied them until thousands of times. Do you want to know what the bestselling books are over the time? The books are:

The Da Vinci Code

  • The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown with the volume sales of 5,049,805 and publisher is Transworld with the Crime, Adventure & Thriller Genre
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling with the volume sales of 4,475,152 and publisher is Bloomsbury with the Children’s Fiction Genre
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling with the volume sales of 4,200,654 and publisher is Bloomsbury with the Children’s Fiction Genre
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling with the volume sales of 4,179,479 and publisher is Bloomsbury with the Children’s Fiction Genre

Fifty Shades of Grey

  • Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James with the volume sales of 3,738,936 and publisher is Random House with the Sagas & Romance Genre
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling with the volume sales of 3,583,215 and publisher is Bloomsbury with the Children’s Fiction Genre
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling with the volume sales of 3,484,047 and publisher is Bloomsbury with the Children’s Fiction Genre
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling with the volume sales of 3,377,906 and publisher is Bloomsbury with the Children’s Fiction Genre
  • Angels and Demons by Dan Brown with the volume sales of 3,193,946 and publisher is Transworld with the Crime, Adventure & Thriller Genre
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Children’s Edition by J.K. Rowling with the volume sales of 2,950,264 and publisher is Bloomsbury with the Children’s Fiction Genre
  • Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James with the volume sales of 2,479,784 and publisher is Random House with the Sagas & Romance Genre
  • Twilight by Stephenie Meyer with the volume sales of 2,315,405 and publisher is Brown Little Book with the Young Adult Fiction Genre

Those are the bestselling books over the time that and you should know as the book lover. If you haven’t read them yet, you should ensure you have listed all of the books you want to buy and read them to know how great the content of the book itself.