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Six Movies That Are Better Than Its Books

There are a lot movies that are based on novels and books, especially Hollywood movies. More often than not, the movie versions are deemed to be worse than the books as it cannot portray everything written. However, some movies do deliver the story lines better than the books, and in this article, we will elaborate some of them.

Here is the list of some movies that are better than the book version:

The Notebook: the reason why this movie version is better than the book is because for some people, the melodrama and romantic plots of Nicholas Spark, the writer of the book, can be slightly overwhelming. The movie version can be considered by or everyone as one among the top romantic movies of all time. It cannot be denied that this movie portrays the heartbreaking love story perfectly, making everyone swoons over the bittersweet love story.

Jaws: if you watch this old movie nowadays, you may think that the monster shark in this movie looks very fake. However, back in the day, this movie was able to create a thrilling experience that the book couldnt portray. The book mostly focused on the sexual affair of the characters rather than the shark hunting activity, while the movie heightened on the action with a climatic, satisfying ending nobody expected.

The Godfather

The Godfather: this legendary movie is considered one among the top movies created in Hollywood industry and within the American classic. It is safe to say that everyone is agree how the movie outdid the books, proven by being nominated and winning multiple awards. Even up till now, the trilogy of The Godfather is still deemed to be an epic story that is loved by many.

The Princess Bride: for those who have difficulties in getting William Goldmans sarcastic and witty humor on the book, the movie version of The Princess Bride surely delivered it better. The movie portrayed the plots of grandfather telling a story to his grandchildren much better than the book, which make the movie is more enjoyable than the book.

Stardust: the book version of this movie is actually a masterpiece itself. Written by Neil Gaiman, this masterpiece created a debate between movie critics on which version is better. The ending of both version is different, and the movie ending is considered more action-packed and climatic, which can give more satisfaction than the book, although slightly.

Fight Club: the writer of Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk, has a lot of incredible novels. He himself stated how he enjoyed the movie version, to the point that he felt slightly embarrassed by the book version. The reason he said that way was because the movie was able to connect the plot lines he couldn’t see while writing the masterpiece. The romantic attributes was highlighted better in the movie, which he approved.

Those are some of the book-based movies that are considered by better than the actual book version. You can try to read the book version first and then watch these movies to see if you agree with this list.


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