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The Best Seller Books of 2017

Books have been the part of the lifestyle of the people all around the world since so many years ago. There are so many books that can offer you so interesting stories, facts, and even imaginative entertainment. Aside of that, they or will also give you a very nice opportunity to see the world beyond even from the very different point of view as well. Then, luckily, there are actually numerous best books you cannot miss during the year of 2017. So, in case you are so curious about it, you better continue reading below.

Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan
One of the best books of 2017 so far that you have to add to your personal collection is “Manhattan Beach” written by Jennifer Egan who is the winner of the 2011 PulitzerPrize. This particular book is actually talking about the maritime history mainly about Manhattan Beach since the World War II. All of the things that are related to it are explored so well by Egan.

So then, you will find this book showing you the most significant stories for sure.In the simple words, you will finally see that it not only about things happen in the Manhattan Island in the recent time, such as the dynamic fashion trend, the crash of the Wall Street bankers, the harassed journalists, and so many more still.

Thanks Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years by David Litt

Next, the other great book on the year of 2017 is “Thanks Obama: My Hopey, Ghangey White House Years” that is written by David Litt, who is the former speechwriter of Barack Obama. This specific book will tell you all the facts he had found after few years he spent to work with Obama in the White House. It will definitely remind you of the time under the leadership of Obama, so that you can find out a little piece of Obama world. In the simple words, you will feel that Litt tries to convince you through this book as he believes that the legacy of Barack Obama will definitely prevail for many years to come.

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In conclusion, those are some of the best books in the year of 2017 so far. It will be so nice for you have and make them your companion whenever you have spare time to spend. Then, you will find that they can give you the great benefits and lead you to new facts that you will admire so much.


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